15 Resources to Improve Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Over the last few months, the internet has been buzzing about the drop in organic reach for Facebook Pages.

We’ve received a ton of questions from small business owners, wondering how the drop in reach will impact their ability to show up on Facebook, and if there’s anything they can do to improve their results.

The first thing you need to know is this: Even with a decline in reach, you’re still able to reach your most engaged fans who are the most interested in your business.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore organic reach, or pretend the decline isn’t happening.

But it means you should focus, more than ever before, on providing content that’s interesting and relevant to the people you’re trying to build relationships with.

To help you do this, we’ve compiled 15 of our top resources to help your content show up.

We’ve organized these resources into three categories to help you find the information you need to succeed.

Understand the News Feed Algorithm

In an effort to avoid overwhelming individuals with Facebook News Feed content that they believe people might skip anyways, Facebook introduced the News Feed Algorithm (formerly known as EdgeRank), to deliver the right content to the right people. What that means is that just because you post something to your fans does not mean they will all see it. This may sound unfair, but the News Feed Algorithm actually makes your (and your fans) experience on Facebook more enjoyable.

These resources will introduce you to the News Feed Algorithm and provide actionable advice to help your content show up:

1. Show Up in the Facebook News Feed! 8 Things that Really Work

2. How Facebook Decides if Your Posts Appear in the News Feed

3. How Facebook Determines the Quality of Content

4. Facebook Announces Updates to Their News Feed Algorithm

Use Facebook Insights

In addition to understanding Facebook’s algorithm you’ll also want to familiarize yourself with Facebook’s analytics tool, Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights provide a ton of information to help you improve your marketing strategy on Facebook, see what’s working, what’s not, and what you could be doing differently to improve your results.

It will also help you learn more about the people who Like your page, and make smarter decisions about when to post to get maximum reach and engagement.

5. The One About Facebook Insights [Speakeasy #16]

6. Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook with New Page Insights

7. When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

8. Four Facebook Hidden Gems You Might Not Be Using

Optimize Your Content for Better Results

Now that you know the factors that impact your reach on Facebook, and are familiar with the tools you need to use to measure your results — you can take steps to optimize your content.

As a reminder, the number one thing you’ll need to do is create content that’s interesting and relevant to the people you’re trying to reach. You can do that with a variety of types of content — including photos, images, links to helpful resources, videos, or text updates to help spark a conversation.

By following the best practices listed on the resources below, and paying attention to your insights and the feedback you receive from your audience, you’ll have more people engaging with your content and a better chance to be seen on Facebook!

9. Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content

10. 35 Creative Ways to Use Images on Facebook

11. Ten Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Facebook Engagement

12. How to Optimize Links for Better Facebook Results

13. Eight Ways to Create Shareable Social Media Content

14. Why You Should Share Instead of Sell on Facebook

15. What Makes a Good Social Media Call to Action?

Organic reach on Facebook is something that will continue to change and develop over time. We will continue to monitor these changes and provide the information you need to continue to grow your Facebook Page and get results you want for your business.

To be kept up-to-date with any Facebook changes, make sure to Like our Facebook Page!

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