5 of the Best Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet

Syndicated from the Constant Contact Blog ➞ 5 of the Best Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet

3. Run a contest

Contests are an easy way to encourage audience engagement.

Organize a photo contest or raffle where potential customers can win prizes. Just make sure the prize is something your audience actually cares about.

In addition to a valuable prize, every good contest needs a clearly defined goal that benefits your business.

Increasing social media followers, getting visits to your store, and building your email lists are all worthwhile contest results, as long as you clearly decide the goal beforehand and measure your success.

Announce your contest through social media and an email blast for maximum participation.

4. Boost value with content

What’s in it for your customers?

That’s the question you should constantly consider when deciding on the best marketing strategies to use. If you aren’t offering something the customer wants, they won’t give your business a second thought.

Attract potential customers while positioning your business as an industry expert by writing and curating content. This may include articles, images, and videos that appeal to your target audience.

Here’s how Dakota Riley brings value to her real estate audience through content in her email newsletter:

5. Join (and lead) the discussion

 Find places where you can discuss your industry with potential customers and show your expertise. This can be in-person on panels or online on forums like the Constant Contact Community.

The more exposure you get, the more top-of-mind you’ll be for your audience. When they need your good or service, yours will be the first business they’ll think of.

Which are the best marketing strategies for your business?

With these five ideas in your back pocket, you don’t have to worry about spinning your wheels.

Get started today by choosing one of these five ideas and thinking about how you could apply it to your business.

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Syndicated from the Constant Contact Blog ➞ 5 of the Best Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet

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