Are You Sharing Other People’s Content? Here’s How to Do It Right

Syndicated from the Constant Contact Blog ➞ Are You Sharing Other People’s Content? Here’s How to Do It Right

2. Offer your perspective

Even when you’re sharing someone else’s content, you can still make it personal by offering your own perspective.

There are a few different ways that you can do it:

  • Ask a question: Instead of just sharing a link to an article or blog post, add a question to help engage potential readers.

Here’s how we shared a social media marketing article on the Constant Contact Facebook Page:

  • Summarize: Don’t just hit share and hope people will want to read the content. Add a few lines explaining the main idea or pointing to a key takeaway.

Here’s how real estate agent, Dakota Riley, includes a quick summary of articles included in her email newsletter:

Tip: You can easily curate content in your email newsletters using Constant Contact’s “Read More” feature.


  • Highlight a quote: Pick a quote from the content you want to share and use it to pique interest and highlight why you think it’s a good read.

Here’s an example from nonprofit, Artists for Humanity:

3. Give credit where credit’s due

Sharing someone else’s content can be a great way to start a relationship. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Make sure you’re giving the original author or source credit by mentioning them whenever and wherever you’re using their content.

Be sure to include the Twitter handle of the site and/or author that originally published the post. No matter what social media network you’re sharing from, mentioning the source means they’ll get a notification.

When people see you’re using their content, there’s a much better chance they’ll interact with you!

4. Encourage others to share

The great thing about sharing is that it’s contagious. Your readers will appreciate you’re sharing more than your own content — and they’ll perceive your business or organization as more trustworthy because you’re focusing on more than just self-promotion.

Be sure to ask others to share your curated content. That way you’ll get in front of an even larger audience and you’ll generate more views for the original source.

A simple call to action can make all the difference. Here’s an easy way to encourage your Twitter followers to retweet your posts:

Ready to start curating content for your business? 

Set a goal for yourself, even if it’s just sharing three posts a week.

Striking the right balance between original and curated content will strengthen your online presence and help you create long-lasting relationships.

Soon, when people are on the lookout for existing content to share, they’ll be visiting your page for ideas!

Have you used content curation before? Tell us in the comments below what types of benefits or challenges you’ve experienced. 

Syndicated from the Constant Contact Blog ➞ Are You Sharing Other People’s Content? Here’s How to Do It Right

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