How to Build a Facebook Audience and Increase Sales with a Facebook Promotion

Joanne Nusbaum wanted to do more on social media for her Chicago-based consignment store, My Sister’s Closet.

She had been using email marketing for a few years and understood the importance of having a way to connect with customer and potential customers online.

But she wasn’t gaining much traction on the store’s Facebook Page.

Unsure where to start, Joanne reached out to another Chicago-based business, Your Social Media Mentor, for help.

“The clients I work with are either brand new to social media and aren’t sure what to do first, or have been using social media and just aren’t seeing the results they want,” explains Vanessa Cabrera, founder of Your Social Media Mentor. “I work closely with clients to put together a plan to help achieve results.”

As a marketing consultant and a Constant Contact Master Certified, Authorized Local Expert, Vanessa Cabrera offers social media services, training, and mentorship to her small business clients.

“When I first meet with any client, we do an introductory call to learn more about what they want to achieve and what their needs are,” Vanessa explains. “This helps them focus on the things they need to be doing and helps me put a plan in place.”

At the time of their initial call, My Sister’s Closet had already seen some good results with growing an audience through their email list — but they had yet to gain that kind of traction on Facebook.

“They really wanted to grow their Facebook Page, but also wanted to make sure they were getting more people through their door,” Vanessa explains. “We decided to run a promotion, but needed to figure out what to offer.”

To help My Sister’s Closet decide what to offer, Vanessa went directly to the store’s audience.

“If you’re not sure what people are interested in, just ask them and believe me, they’ll tell you,” Vanessa explains. “We sent a quick survey, asking for feedback about the type of offer they’d be interested in. A ton of people opened the survey; we received  230 responses!”

Using the feedback they received, My Sister’s Closet decided that a coupon, offering 25% off customers’ purchases, would be the perfect offer for their business.

Vanessa then used Constant Contact to launch a promotion on My Sister Closet’s Facebook Page. To redeem the offer, people would have to enter their email address. They’d also have the option to Like the store’s page.

Once the offer was live, Vanessa worked with the store to create a promotion plan.

“We decided to run a campaign that would last for three weeks,” Vanessa explains. “I put together a series of announcement and reminder emails to keep the momentum going, and helped them plan a series of social posts.”

In addition to putting together a plan for the store’s existing audience, Vanessa also used Facebook’s Advertising tools to help the store extend their reach.

Using Facebook’s targeting features, Vanessa not only helped the store reach more people, she also ensured they reached the right people for their business.

“A lot of businesses don’t realize the target they’re able to hit on Facebook,” Vanessa explains. “We were able to target based on the keyword ‘consignment store’ and target people within a 25 mile radius of their business.”

It didn’t take long for the store to notice an increase in activity on their Facebook Page.

“When we started the promotion, engagement on the page went through the roof,” Vanessa explains. “We had people asking questions about the promotion, checking to see when the store was open, and really showing an interest in the business.”

To take advantage of the surge in activity, Vanessa encouraged her client to start sharing photos and other content to keep fans engaged.


“As they started posting more, they not only saw more people liking and commenting but actually saw customers coming into the store,” Vanessa explains. “One day they shared a photo of a pair of boots and they were sold that same day.”

By paying attention to what was working and continuing to keep fans engaged, the store was able to deliver meaningful results throughout the life of the campaign.

“When we started the promotion, they had around 100 fans, and by the time the campaign finished, they had more than 1,200,” Vanessa explains. “The coupon ended up being the perfect offer and helped increase sales more than 40%.”

Working with a consultant like Vanessa gave My Sister’s Closet the tools and training they needed to grow their audience and set them up for future success.

Today, My Sister’s Closet is doing more with their social media marketing and continues to see the benefits of Vanessa’s campaign, long after the promotion is over.

“We had such a great experience working with Your Social Media Mentor! She has so much knowledge to share and did a great job running our campaign and teaching us how to follow up and create a future campaign by ourselves,” store owner, Joanne Nusbaum explains. “It was money very well spent.”

You can do it too.

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