Push Your Organization to the Next Level with Recurring Donations

In the nonprofit space, a monthly recurring donation is the ultimate sign of an engaged donor.

That’s why we’re thrilled to add a monthly recurring donation option to our Online Donations campaign within the Constant Contact Toolkit.

With this added functionality you’ll be able to capture more donations than ever before and build important long-lasting relationships with loyal donors.

Why are recurring donations so important?

  • Donor convenience: By allowing donors to sign up once for an ongoing gift you are saving them the time and effort of sending a gift each and every month.
  • Donor loyalty: Donors have many options and there is a very real risk of getting lost in the noise of the busy donation seasons. Nonprofits often find themselves fighting for wallet-share within their donor base. Giving users a recurring donation option is great way to collect donations on a more consistent basis, rather than getting caught in the noise during giving season.
  • Better budgeting: Donors who are on a budget are more likely to give a modest gift each month, rather than a large gift annually.
  • More impact: Nonprofit organizations can create programs around monthly giving. Something like: $1 / day to help feed a child, or $.25 / day to help protect wildlife, gives donors a keen understanding of the impact of their donation.

How does it work?

Recurring donations are incredibly easy to set up. In fact, they are turned on by default in your Donation campaign.

recurring_UI_circled-600x357 Donors will see a checkbox on their checkout page which will turn their gift into a monthly recurrence.  Each time a donor’s credit card is charged, they will get an email receipt and see a charge on their credit card.


Donors will be able to turn their monthly recurring payment off right from the email receipt if they ever choose to do so. Additionally, you, the Constant Contact user can turn off a recurring payment for the donor’s convenience.

Ready to get started?

Setting up recurring donations is a proven way to get more from the fundraising work you’re already doing and can also help keep donors active and engaged all year round.

Create a donation page today. A little effort on your part is well worth the reward of recurring donations each month. It’s incredibly easy and  a great way to stay engaged with your donor base.

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