Aaron Wesley Means, Owner

aaronmeansAaron Wesley Means is a communication specialist, with almost a decade as a business coach, leading entrepreneur and internet marketer.  He graduated from Arizona State University in 1997 with a B.A. in Communication. During completion of that degree, he contributed to multiple intercultural communication traveling courses throughout the UK and Ireland. Aaron’s leadership in “Engagement Marketing”  has made him a sought-after presenter to private organizations and major conferences.

Matthew Means, Creative Director

matthewmeansMatthew Means graduated from The Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington, DC in 2002 with a B.A. in Graphic Design. He has worked as a senior designer for a variety of technology companies as well as freelancing for clients ranging from goverment-funded organizations to small businesses. A specialist in corporate identity development, Matthew also creates custom websites and eCommerce solutions characterized by a refined design sensibility. Means-Design.com


Is your site built well? Is it positioned well? Does it properly represent your company and mission? Are you looking for more than a cookie-cutter template that dictates its functionality to YOU? If you were opening your business on main street, would you hang a blank or confusing sign to attract customers? Or settle for lower cost just to “get by”? This is essentially the decision you’ve made when you DON’T have an effective online brand and website supporting your business.

Websites are a dime a dozen. Make that a penny a dozen. Today’s market demands your site to be clean, fresh, engaging, exciting, and professional. That kind of experience comes from having a designer, not simply a “website builder”. ACTIVATE provides only top quality design products for your web presence. Our design leadership come from the prestigious Corcoran School of Art and Design in Washington, D.C. Checkout the stunning gallery of recent work Means-Design.com

In an effort to be financially conservative, millions of business owners have “settled” for a status quo, templated approach to their website. You don’t have to anymore. ACTIVATE meets you in the middle, providing top-shelf web presence at an affordable rate that pays YOU dividends in your business. We’ve proven this by working with entrepreneurs, small business, celebrities, and national non-profit organizations. Enjoy reviewing some examples at Means-Design.com


The world of web-based sales has changed the game forever. How competent is your online sales presence? ACTIVATE can build you an ecommerce system that fits your needs, while providing room for growth. We custom-tailor each shopping cart to deliver the most effective experience for your target consumer, ensuring you see appropriate revenue from your investment.

Graphic Design & Branding

Breaking through with image and concept is everything when it comes to branding… and branding is crucial to setting yourself apart from the “white noise” of your competitors. Are you looking for a business identity and branding breakthrough? What does your current branding communicate? Does it share what you wish it to, or does it actually communicate a different message… perhaps even a message you don’t want to give? Let us help you ACTIVATE your business’ true identity. Here are some examples of the top-shelf design Activate produces Means-Design.com

Email Marketing

We are leading strategists and coaches in the world of email marketing. Activate has helped hundreds of businesses with successful email marketing campaigns. We can both manage as well as coach you on your strategies. With the advent of Mobile devices, there is no limit to the benefits of leveraging the most powerful tool online today: The Inbox.

How do you know we are an expert?
You’ll notice that we don’t just “do” – we TEACH. Aaron @ ACTIVATE spends a few days each month working with Chambers of Commerce, Business Groups, and organizations to help provide vital education to the most important questions about how to master the marketplace.

Social Media Marketing

ACTIVATE’s Social Media experience spans years and industries. Finding a blend of authentic engagement marketing techniques and a bottom line income building strategy is the key to our success. From Simple Content Marketing to laser targeted paid social campaigns and remarking, we’ve got it covered.


PODCASTS have become the biggest hottest new trend in getting your business “voice” heard. The up close and personal feel, combined with the convenience of subscribing once and having notifications dripped to a mobile device, create an opportunity for your company’s brand to have a presence in people’s daily lives like never before. ACTIVATE has been helping produce and publish Podcasts for a variety of clients, and we are ready to help you bring yours into the marketplace and grow your listener base.

Coaching & Training

We offer affordable private Coaching & Training. We’ll help you with what you desire most, being sure to position you with the most valid concerns in today’s marketing world.

Communication is what defines your relationship between you and your clients. Communication for your brand in the modern marketing world requires tools and systems that take the experience online, and to another level. ACTIVATE is a Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider, and an affiliate for dozens of top-shelf marketing tool providers. We specialize in web presence, web “voice”, email marketing, list development, social media, and integrated marketing campaigns.