What We Will Cover:

  • Who should you email?
  • What should your email look and feel like?
  • How do you match your branding to your email template?
  • How long should your emails be?
  • How do you market to the dominant audience, those on mobile devices?
  • How do you grow your list?
  • How do you convert sales from your list?

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ACTIVATE is both your "swiss army knife" and "samurai sword for marketing help. We are Internet marketing specialists based in Asheville, NC serving Nationwide with decades of combined experience.


Aaron Wesley Means is a communication specialist, internet marketer, and CEO of ACTIVATE Business Solutions based in Asheville, NC serving the greater Carolinas and Nationwide. He is a two time award winner, most recently for "Constant Contact Solution Provider of the Year" in the SE. He has a B.A. in Communication from Arizona State University.



Aaron and ACTIVATE have trained, helped, and worked with thousands of businesses through seminars, webinars,and conferences, while delivering a full suite of custom Internet Marketing services and solutions for businesses and orgs of all shapes and sizes.